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Exam Success

At Simply Brass we look to play to the best of our ability for fun and to entertain others! Some of our members have chosen to take music exams to improve their playing and have been very successful. Here’s a list of the recent passes:
Name Merit Instrument
Emily W Grade 1 Horn
Emily M Grade 1 Horn
Ben Grade 1 Baritone
Dominic Grade 1 Merit Cornet
Millie Grade 3 Cornet
Neveah Grade 1 Cornet
Francesca Grade 5 Merit Cornet
Oliver Grade 2 Merit Cornet
Emmy Grade 4 Merit Cornet
Zoe Grade 6 Merit Cornet
Elsie Grade 2 Merit Horn
Lily Grade 4 Cornet
Maisie Grade 3 Flugelhorn
Poppy Grade 4 Merit Horn
Elsie Grade 3 Horn
Hannah Grade 5 Merit Horn
Heather Grade 3 Cornet
Fiona Grade 3 Cornet